Thousands of freshers are likely to be fired by Indian IT companies– Report

Thousands of freshers are likely to be fired by Indian IT companies through screening tests and fresher assessments during the current round of safety sign printing mass layoffs across various industries.

These screening tests would take place a year after the joining date of the trainees.

Speaking to a media outlet, experts also stated that the overhiring that was done during the pandemic might be the root cause of this development.

“We expect around 2,500-plus freshers to be removed from these companies due to poor performance, post-training,” stated Anshuman Das, Chief Executive and Co-Founder of Careernet, a talent solutions provider to Mint.

For FY 2022-23, around 2 percent of 2 lakh recruits may fail the screening tests, meaning that around 1 percent of the total hires must pass the screening tests every year, Das revealed.

According to the report, freshers’ screening tests will become increasingly challenging as firms are under pressure to honor campus placements and hirings while also needing more staff.

The quality of campus recruits has been challenged by many experts and stakeholders over the years, so fresher assessments must be made so that only the best are hired.

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