Engineers design metasurfaces to help control surface wave propagation

Parisa Shokouhi, professor of engineering science and mechanics, said, “In this paper, we demonstrate that the methodology can design resonators for metasurfaces capable of suppressing plate waves, called Lamb waves, but this method can be extended to design resonant metasurfaces that can control other types of guided waves regardless of the frequency range.”

“It is the first time TOM — initially designed in the 1980s to solve structural design problems — has been applied in this way. This systematic design strategy can be generalized further, presenting a potential approach for wave control in other areas, such as acoustics.”

Journal Reference:

Daniel Giraldo Guzman et al. Design of resonant elastodynamic metasurfaces to control S0 Lamb waves using topology optimization. JASA Express Letters 2, 115601 (2022); DOI: 10.1121/10.0015123

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